Ronnie's Dance Studio - 393 Maxim Drive, Hopatcong, NJ 07843
Joanna’s back - Toning and Exercise Class
The class will feature aerobic dancing to Latin music, popular music, and lots more... and toning
(free use of sticks and hip scarves).   The pace will be smooth and easy, great for beginners,
those that need to get back into condition, and everyone else because we’ll do some low-impact
to medium-impact (always an option… you do NOT have to use toning sticks and you can
always alter the steps to be a lower or higher impact, based on your personal needs).

Saturday Mornings - 9:30 - 10:30 a.m.
Pre-register only, $32/4 weeks.
(Price adjusted for 3- and 5-week months).

go to
Pay Pal Page
send check to:  Ronnie's Dance Studio,
393 Maxim Dr., Andover, NJ 07821 secure, supportive shoe.  
No contracts to sign, no membership fees... Open to Everyone!

well, you're going to perspire a lot,
so please wear layers.   The room
will start off cool, most days, and
then you'll warm up really quickly.

Wear a good supportive bra....

and, of course, a sneaker that you
could move around in, not a running
shoe, you'll want to move around
and turn and such.