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PROPER ATTIRE AND Other Courtesies
You will want to wear a pair of supportive shoes that will enable you to move around on the floor and also
protect your feet from other dancers...and not risk twisting your ankle....
So... don't wear sneakers with lots of traction because they stick, as do rubbery bottoms, don't wear sling
backs ladies, and no high heels unless they're dance shoes with plastic tips...NEVER DANCE IN SANDALS
OR FLIP FLOPS.  Men.. if you wear a dress shoe be sure it has a flexible sole.

By now you've realized the value of a good dance shoe.   I still don't recommend wearing the Latin shoes
(higher heels with open backs and toes) for practice socials, save them for fancy events and competitions.   
But there are some beautiful, not too high-heeled dance shoes that are supportive and comfortable for a
whole evening of classes and dancing, and again always put the extra plastic tip on them.  Men:   there are
some nice dance shoes for men, too, please do not wear Cuban heels.

PLEASE... Carry in the shoes you intend to dance in.... We do not recommend you come onto the dance
floor with your street shoes as there are tiny pieces of gravel and stuff from the parking lot that come in
constantly on your shoes, which you can't even see or feel, but you can hear the grit when it hits the dance
floor.   If you absolutely cannot bring a second pair of shoes or forgot them, please wipe the bottoms of
your shoes off very well before entering onto the floor.

IN THE WINTER... please wear BOOTS or something with a grip on the bottom so that you can walk from
and to your car safely.  Fashion boots DON'T COUNT, they do not have enough protection from patches of

 No matter where you are in your dancing, you will want to be comfortable.
This means wearing layers that you can peel down to as you get warmer, and having a little jacket or
sweater handy for when you start to cool off.    

If you do wear a dress in the middle of Winter, you can expect to feel chilly, because we do keep the heat
down to fairly cool in the Winter months.   We find there's no sense heating up the building just to lower the
heat again once people start dancing.   Body heat generates enough heat on its own.

So... again, dress comfortably for the weather.   

MEN:  Lose the tee shirts under your shirts in the Summer, they hold in the heat too much and you guys
are always sweating, and the girls are always freezing, so let's make it easy... lose that extra cotton shirt!   
They have these great wash/wear drip dry type of silk and synthetic silk shirts.... with short sleeves!   They
dry fast, too.  

In the winter, of course, wear layers because you'll sweat once you start dancing even if it starts out chilly.

I shouldn't have to mention this because it's common sense, but check your watches, jewelry, belts, hair
adornments (barrettes, pins, etc.) that could get caught on your partner, sleeves that hang and prevent the
lead from getting a grip on you, and for Heaven's Sake... nails... they could be so dangerous.   Keep them
at a comfortable length but not so long that they can injure anyone or poke their eyes out.   Clip raggedy
edges of your nails, too, please.

GUM:   No gum chewing in class, we had someone choke on gum once, lose it.

CELL PHONES:   You're only here for an hour or so, you can do without checking your phone.  Unless
you're on an emergency medical call or something, or someone's having a baby or ill, please shut your
phones off when you walk in the door.
No contracts to sign, no membership fees... Open to Everyone!

COLOGNE/PERFUME....Some people,
including myself, have allergies to intense
soaps, perfumes, colognes, please go
easy on these, after all only you need to
smell you, not everyone else.