Ronnie's Dance Studio - 393 Maxim Drive, Hopatcong, NJ 07843
Eventually we outgrew the space we were renting and I needed freedom to teach whenever I
wanted to so I could bring back dance teams, and exercise and such.

I looked far and wide for the perfect spot.   I told my realtor it had to have space for a dance floor, a
kitchen (because we got spoiled having that nice kitchen at the Church where we could actually
warm up food and have parties), a large parking lot, and hopefully an apartment upstairs!!!!!!
What a tall order.   And my realtor was sure if anything like that existed in the area that I was
looking, it would be out of my price range.

Then one day, after giving up my search for months, I got on the Internet and there it was.   This
old building in Hopatcong that had everything I needed.   It turned out the back half of the building
was over 100 years old.   We made it into a book called "100 years of Hopatcong" and last year we
were the featured old building in the March Calendar that our town puts out every year.

Okay, so it also needed a lot of work as it had been a bar for so long and had old deli equipment in
it, and the floor where I intended to put down the dance floor had 7 different layers to it after the
bar was removed.    But we did it.   I had friends come over, lots of them, and we dismantled the
stuff we didn't need, let the previous owners remove stuff they could sell, and painted for weeks.   

Eventually the floor went down and that was no easy task.   I had to have someone come in with a
transom level to find the highest spot to work from, put ledgers around the edgest, and then we
built the floor like you would a deck.   Then they filled in the gaps under the floor to make it solid,
added 3/4" tongue and groove plywood, and then finally... The floating floor...which is a lovely
commercial grade Pergo floor over a nice layer of cork.   This is my baby... this is the floor of my
dreams... and it still looks wonderful!

Over the years we've had the parking lot lights redone, removed a huge rock and resurfaced the
lot making many more parking spaces, changed those nasty old front doors, waterproofed the
basement which eliminated the old odors, repainted the outside, and more, and there will be more
to come.   This year we added three "fireplace" heaters... so we won't have those chilly days
anymore waiting for the heat to kick in.

Well, we just came up on 10 years since I had my closing.... What an exciting day that was,
especially when I found out that not one key fit any lock in the whole place!    But that's another
story.   This building has served us well, and I'm sure it will for many more years to come.

Do come and join us....if you need directions, click on the button to the left.   See you soon!
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