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Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia)
I found out decades ago that I was susceptible to having my sugar drop seriously if I drank wine, ate
lots of sugar, and in general, too many carbs.   As it turned out, other members of my family were
plagued with this same affliction... and so I started reading up on nutrition.   I'm not a nutrition freak,
for sure, but I do watch what I eat, because if I go into a sugar low... YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW
ME!!!!  It's that bad.

Yes, I feel better when I exercise, as do many people.   I wish I had the time to exercise more, but I
don't ever seem to find it.   That's why I like it when our Belly Dance Classes run, and the Zumba
classes.    But I also love to walk.   If the weather is nice, you can usually find me out walking later in
the evening.

Gluten / Wheat / Allergies
As a child I was plagued with stomach aches... so bad sometimes I would lie down on the floor or
bend over a table to move the "gas" around.   I still avoid a lot of foods because they bother my
stomach, but I did not realize I actually had allergies to food until I was older.   I cannot eat most shell
fish, and soy sauce kills me!   Why those 2 ???    Who knows!   
  And I was one of the first ones to say, "what's with this gluten free stuff, everyone's on a new fad
diet", but it's real.   Apparently our bodies weren't meant to digest some of the things we put into it.

Well, I love to bake... and eat... baked goods especially... oh, and pasta.   But I also like to
keep my weight down to something manageable, keep my sugar in check, and not get
stomache aches....  
I know there are a lot of you out there, or your family members, or someone else you know... who
has some kind of problem with gluten, or lactose, or corn, nuts, and more.
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