Ronnie's Dance Studio - 393 Maxim Drive, Hopatcong, NJ 07843
Dance Team Members Needed

Male Dance Partner Wanted or
Couple to Join Dance Team at the studio
Some experience is preferable but not a necessity.  Must have the willingness to devote
time and energy to learning the routines, practicing, and performing with us
occasionally, mostly at parties at our studio and sometimes fundraisers or charity

We have two small very informal, just-for-fun dance teams.   
One is for Ballroom Dancing, the other is for Swings, Latin dances, Hustles, etc.   

There is a flat fee (regardless of missed classes, vacations, etc.) of $65 each month
which includes free extra practices and free use of the studio before a performance,
discounts on lessons and parties, and a discount if you join both teams.  

-        You will build some good friendships
-        Have tons of fun
-        Improve your dancing skills
-        Learn dances and patterns you never dreamed of
-        and learn material faster than you can imagine because you have others to work with

It will be your responsibility to catch up because after all you are now on a team and everyone
will need to know the routines.
  You may do that in several ways:

1.  Of course come to every scheduled class and scheduled practice as you can so you
don't fall behind.

Practice with your partner, anywhere, but you may also use the studio if you can't
find space.   $10 per person for up to 1-1/2 hours
(free within two weeks of a performance).

3.   Practice with a coach.  .If learned the routine but you're weak in some areas, I will
assist you, $35 for 1-1/2 hours for both of you.   Remember if you practice it wrong, it's
like not practicing it at all.

 Private Lessons because:
- You missed a couple of classes and/or practices and you need to catch up on new
- or you forgot a routine or parts of it,
- or you want to learn a routine that the rest of the team already learned and you wish to
perform it with them but have not taken that class yet
$50 for 1 hour for both of you.

There may be some dances you are not crazy about and some that you love,
take it in stride, suck it up, because learning to dance anything is learning to dance
No contracts to sign, no membership fees... Open to Everyone!
Contact Us:  
973-234-5234 studio;
973-527-5664 cell