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We very often have ladies OR gentlemen looking for a partner for a particular class and I'm finding more
and more that there are quite a number of folks without a dance partner .... So, I'm going to make this real
easy.   YOU GUYS FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW, and I'll send you info if someone sounds suitable for
you.   Then you guys figure out the rest....
 PLEASE!!!!   Do not use this page for solicitations!
Your name:
Your email address:
Best number to reach you at:
Approx. Height
Class You're Interested in Taking:
Month Class is running:
Second Choice / Month:
Of course, there's no guarantee that someone will be available.   Once you receive information, you
must get in touch with that person and make arrangements to pay and register.
REMEMBER, you must REGISTER to be included in the class.  
As always, you can send a check to Ronnie's Dance Studio, 393 Maxim Dr., Andover, NJ 07821, or
go to my
Pay Pal Page.