Ronnie's Dance Studio - 393 Maxim Drive, Hopatcong, NJ 07843
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973-234-5234 studio;
973-527-5664 cell
No contracts to sign, no membership fees... Open to Everyone!
Discount on Private Lessons ends Feb 29, 2020
Try-It, One-Time Private lesson for only $50 for 45 minutes (includes you and partner).   If you’ve never taken
a private lesson with us before you may try it out one time at this very special offer.  You pick the dance/steps
you wish to learn or relearn.   This offer only good through February 29, 2020, after that regular rates apply,
$80 for 1 hr.
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                          MARCH 2020 NEWSLETTER
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Don’t forget our:
OPEN HOUSE this Saturday, February 22, 6:30 – 10:30 p.m.   Bring yourselves, bring friends, BYOB,
bring your enthusiasm, just come out and have fun….
Free everything - lessons – food – entertainment – coupons – door prizes and more!!!!

Please remember to carry in the shoes you are going to dance in and change from your street shoes in the
lobby as you walk in… we love our dance floor and want to keep it clean and scratch free….thanks, ronnie
and staff.

Our Annual SWING INTO SPRING Dance Party
Mark your calendars…. Saturday, March 28, 7-11 p.m., doors open 6:30 p.m.   Lots of dancing, free
lessons, entertainment, dance mixers, food and more.   Stuff to do even if you don’t dance, you’ll have a
blast.   Tickets go on sale March 1 for $25 each.   You may purchase them through a dance team member,
at the studio, or through   Or call 973-527-5664, we’ll get one to

Wedding Choreography.   For your first dance together as husband and wife.   Let us help you make your
day even  more exciting with a wonderful, memorable routine to your chosen song (or let us help you pick a
song, too).   What about a mother/son; father/daughter dance?   We can do that, too.   Special rates  through
May, 2020.  Visit for our discounted rates or call 973-527-5664 for
more info.

Create-a-Class (create your own private group class)
Have a bunch of friends interested in learning to dance?   Can’t fit our classes into your schedule?  . You pick
the night/day, time, people, and dance you wish to learn.   And what a great gift it would make for your
wedding guests so they can enjoy dancing at your reception to the music you chose with special private
lessons designed just for your wedding.  Special rates only through May, 2020.   Visit www.ronniesdancing.
com/PriceList.html for our discounted rates or call 973-527-5664 for more info.

Bring a Friend – Receive a Discount
4-week Swing Class March:   $10 off your class if you and your friend each sign up for the 4-weeks.
5-week Hips March, Butts & Guts:  $5 off your class if your friend signs up with you; or $1.50 off your class if
you and your friend drop in same night.

Swing Dance Class - Thursdays in March, 7-8:30 p.m. (includes practice time).   Class will run for 4
weeks, $50 per person.   We will be dancing through the most common of the Swing dances, done
everywhere from ballrooms to cruises and more.   This is the one you remember from the ‘50’s (aka Rock ‘n
Roll, Triple Step, East Coast Swing, etc.) and will forever be popular with every age group.   Early
registration is a must.   If you need a partner, let me know.   973-527-5664. If we get enough interested, we’ll
continue it into the next month with more exciting patterns and steps.

Night Club Two Step (this is a slow dance, not country two step), Tuesdays in March, 7-8:30 p.m.
(includes practice time).   Class will run for 5 weeks, $65 per person.   This is a very popular form of “slow”
dancing because it fills in the gap between really slow dances and faster-tempos.  It’s easy, fun, extremely
useful, no more sitting out those songs that are hard to dance to because they’re in between real slow music
and faster music.   Popular everywhere from ballrooms to country-western venues.   Early registration is a
must.   Call 973-527-5664.

Hips, Butts, & Guts Exercise Class, still going strong– GREAT CLASS!!!!  -  $30 for 5 for; $25 for 4,
Mondays in March or $7.00 winter drop in rate –  7-8:00 pm.   Super duper class, seriously good workout,
lots of variety in music and routines, different exercises (no floor work), you’re gonna love it.   All you need to
do is copy what the instructor is doing and keep smiling.   Please call to let me know you’re planning to
attend.   Bring friends and receive a discount.   973-527-5664.

Muscle Memory
What does that mean?   It’s like a baby learning to walk, he toddles, unsure of himself, because walking isn’t
in muscle memory yet.  Same with dancing.   You may feel really awkward when first learning to dance.   This
is normal.  Your muscles aren’t used to moving a certain way, especially to music… and combining that with
new foot patterns, and trying to remember which foot to start on, oh, my, lots to learn.   But you will get there,
it just takes time and practice and your muscle memory will take over and you’ll be dancing smoothly and
without thinking too much about it.

In case of inclement weather
please call studio first before venturing out.   I will try to leave a message on my answering machine if
classes are cancelled.   But… use your own judgement, if you’re not sure, stay home, stay safe.   If you miss
a class due to inclement weather you will receive a credit for that class.  

You may send your checks made out to Cash to:   Ronnie Landolfi, 393 Maxim Dr., ANDOVER, 07821, or
stop by the studio or log into

Remember, the 4-week (or 3-week or 5-week) price is an already discounted rate, there is no refund or
credit for missed classes.   

There is no credit, carryovers, or refunds for classes paid for and not taken by you.

Cancelling your private lesson within 24 hours of your lesson will be considered as “taken”.


Remember, we do not take credit cards.

and, as always, happy dancing!!!