Ronnie's Dance Studio - 393 Maxim Drive, Hopatcong, NJ 07843

Choreography for a Special Occasion:  For you and your bride/groom,  This is a private lesson with
the added advantage of working on a routine for your big day.   You pick the song and I'll get you
dancing to it.   This works well for Mother/Son dances and Father/Daughter dances, too and also for
your Quinceañera, school function, or Sweet 16.

Group Classes:    This is a fun way to learn.    These could run an hour or more in length.    Group
size varies and change from month to month.   The classes will be at various levels so you'll want to
start with a Beginner class if you've never danced before or need a review.   You'll need to keep your
eye on the
calendar to see what's coming up.

Private Group Class (aka Create Your Own Class):   You pick the people, the date and time and
the dance you want to learn...    Priced accordingly based on size of class and venue.   Some people
are more comfortable dancing with a group of their own friends or want a class that I'm not offering.   
This is a good way to get the dance instruction you and your friends need.   There are always great
rates for large groups.  

Group Classes for Just You and Your Wedding Guests:   Give your guests the gift of
Dance....Great rates for large groups.    Give them something to always remember you
lessons.   This is like a Private Group Class but specifically designed to be a sampling of dances
they may encounter at your wedding.   This group could include the Bride and Groom, of course!  

Workshops:   These are longer versions of the group classes and are usually a little more intense.    
These run for two hours normally, the first 1-1/2 hours is for learning material and the last half hour is
practice for you and your partner under my watchful eye.   Generally run for 4 weeks or more.

Fund Raisers:    If you belong to a Church Group or organization and would like to raise money, ask
me for details.... I could put together either group classes or workshops for you or a Dance Party.   Fee
based on hours, people attending, equipment needed.   You supply the venue, the people, and the
food.   Anything over my rate is YOURS!   
Ask for special pricing...

Social Dance Classes for Teens:    It's never too soon to start the next generation dancing... Special
programs in Social and Ballroom dances for children 15 and up to about 21, depending on the
group.    Brothers and sisters make good partners, and so do mothers and fathers.... The idea is to
introduce social dancing to your children so they could partner dance at their prom rather than
"freestyling" it all night, and to have something valuable to use as adult party-goers.

Dance Party:   Let me be the DJ at your next party and bring my dance expertise, I'll bring the sound
system if you need one, but the main focus is teaching people at your party to dance.   So the
evening/day will be filled with your choice of group lessons, line dancing, dance mixers, and even
dance games.   This is a unique way to teach people to a party environment.!!!!   You pick
the theme...Country Western, Social Dancing, Salsa/Latin Party, anything you can come up
with.....You rent the space, invite the people, take care of the food, and I bring the music and the
dancing!   You will have a choice of games and mixers and line dances..... for any type of party.     If
you want to have the party at my place, that's fine, too...   
Ask for prices....
No contracts to sign, no membership fees... Open to Everyone!
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973-234-5234 studio;
973-527-5664 cell