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Bollywood & Bhangra

We will be teaching these two dances together as they complement each other very well,
and have different energy levels, so the class will be a good mix of music, styles, and
energy levels.   Something new, a nice change for your exercise routine.

Bollywood & Bhangra for Fun & Fitness - starting January 7, 14, 21, 28.   $30 for 4 weeks.

Bollywood dancing incorporates a lot of various and assorted steps and patterns taken
from all forms of aerobic dancing including Middle Eastern Belly Dancing, and more, but
it’s not as strict as learning belly dancing as the movements pretty much incorporate
anything that fits the music, which makes it tons of fun to learn.   It’s lively and energetic,
but still easy on the knees and joints.  Low- to -medium impact.  You don’t need to know
how to dance to take this class just come out and try a new form of exercise with us.  
Here's a sample, as you can see, it's cute;  
Bollywood Sample

Bhangra started out as a folk dance but has quickly become a very popular form of
exercise.   Something about the music brings happiness and joy and you can't not have
fun with it.   It is lively, and it is a med- to high-energy workout.   The music's fun and has a
very distinctive beat, and the steps... although they look complicated, are actually not.  
They're very often just combinations of the basic steps, which you'll learn quickly in our
exercise class.   But don't worry, no need to memorize anything, just follow along and
have fun.   Bring your smile and your enthusiasm.
Here's a sample:   See how happy everyone is:  
Bhangra Sample


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