Belly Dance for Fun & Fitness  - Monday Nights 6:40 - 7:40 pm        Rate is $37 for 4
weeks in same month.
 (5 wks/ $46;  3 wks/ $28 when there are 3- or 5- week months).  $12 Drop in
per night if you prefer.  Hip scarves available for sale.

Belly Dance Fusion Class - Wednesday Nights - 6:40 - 7:40 pm
Rate is $37 for 4 weeks in same month.  (5 wks/ $46;  3 wks/ $28 when there are 3- or 5- week
months).  $12 Drop in per night if you prefer.  Hip scarves available for sale.

DISCOUNT - if you sign up for both above classes in the same month, you receive a  discount.


"ULTRA GODDESS"  Belly Dance Formation Team
We're always looking for new members.   Use of COSTUMES are free.   You will be expected  to
perform with the team at fund raisers, parties, and special events.   
We've performed at many functions in the past.. from Macy's Annual Charity event to St. Jude's
fundraiser, to the State Fair.... Hope you can join us.     Only $47 flat rate per month to be on the
 Members of the dance team also receive a discount if they take the Friday night class.

BELLY DANCE PARTY - Your venue or ours.
Have you ever been to a belly dance party?    You can have one at your place or ours.   You invite
the guests, I bring the music, hip scarves for you to wear, even entertainment if you would like it.    If
you would like more info, please contact me.
You would learn basic steps, simple patterns, we may even use veils, but we'll definitely get a good,
fun workout.  
Ronnie's Dance Studio, 393 Maxim Drive (rt. 607 N), Hopatcong, NJ 07843
Big Studio Know-How without the Big Studio Price!!!!  973-234-5234


We do love our belly dancing around here.   This is not our old Belly Dancing for Fun and Fitness class,
which was mostly aerobic, this is just belly dancing... learning techniques to create beautiful undulations
and shimmies, learning to isolate and control muscles, dancing graceful snake arms and figure 8's and
feeling fit, sex, and toned.  This class is for women of all ages.   

BELLYWOOD (Belly-Bolly)
It’s a fusion of modern belly dancing with the easier, more feminine steps of Bollywood / Bhangra…. So
good for your body as you'll stretch and tone and burn calories and you won't be jumping all over the
place to do it.   You have to see this to believe it.   We can't wait to work on this dance... the music's more
modern, the steps are elegant, and the costumes are pretty much anything goes!

There's nothing more provocative than a veil dance, but so beneficial.  It's like dancing with weights, but
you don't feel any weight because the veil is flowing.   But dancing with a veil is like pushing through thick
air and it will definitely give definition and tone to your upper arms.     The moves are simple and
graceful.   There's not a lot of jumping around with veil dancing, just flowing veils and gentle walks, and
lots of eye-catching motion.

BHANGRA (Bollywood)
Bollywood is India's answer to our Hollywood except that there's almost always dancing and singing.   
There are also several types of dances that come from the Bollywood movies, but the one we're
concentrating on is Bhangra, which actually came from a little town called Punjab.   It's almost the
opposite of belly dancing as it is very lively, lots of aerobic movement and very rhythmic music.   You will
seriously burn calories on this one.   We take lots of breaks in this class.