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"ULTRA GODDESS"  Belly Dance Formation Team
Team being put together now for September, Thursday Night Practices
We have a ton of amazing routines to teach you and we will start with the simplest.   Some of our
routines use veils, some are Bollywood style, most are Middle-Eastern belly dance and we used
wonderful, inspiring songs that you’ll love to dance to!    You will learn to dance as a team whether
we perform or not, which is optional (costumes furnished by me if we do perform).  We may do some
fundraisers, or show cases here at the studio for family and friends, and who knows what else!

Class to be determined.
We do love our belly dancing around here.   This is not our old Belly Dancing for
Fun and Fitness class, which was mostly aerobic, this is just belly dancing...
learning techniques to create beautiful undulations and shimmies, learning to
isolate and control muscles, dancing graceful snake arms and figure 8's and feeling
fit, sexy, and toned.  
 This class is for women of all ages.   

Bollywood Class for Fun & Fitness:    
Class to be determined.
Bollywood dancing incorporates a lot of various and assorted steps and patterns taken
from all forms of aerobic dancing including Middle Eastern Belly Dancing, and more, but
it’s not as strict as learning belly dancing as the movements pretty much incorporate
anything that fits the music, which makes it tons of fun to learn.   It’s lively and energetic,
but still easy on the knees and joints.  You don’t need to know how to dance to take this
class just come out and try a new form of exercise with us.  

Class to be determined.
You can go one step further and learn to dance with veils.  We use some steps from
regular belly dancing, but a lot of them are unique to dancing with a veil.   You won't
believe how much of a workout you can get from just swinging a lightweight veil
around your head and body for a half hour.... Fantastic for upper body strength and
toning of the arms and shoulders.

Veils and hips scarves will be available for sale if you choose to buy them but feel free to bring your

Dancing with Scarves Exercise Class (not a belly dancing or exotic dance class) and other
exercise classes when available
click here.
No contracts to sign, no membership fees... Open to Everyone!